African Bars and Grills that Serve Fresh Grilled Fish

Most sea-facing and urban African restaurants with bars and grills serve freshly caught and grilled fish.

The best places to eat and drink in Africa offer the best in wine, beer, and food, including discreet service, beautiful views, and enterprising chefs. You’ll find an ideal spot just a walking distance from your hotel suite.

Choose cultural drinking and dining destinations that offer traditional cuisines from your country of a visit or other world cuisines. Ranging from plant-based dishes to spices to meats, you can choose from Indian, Senegalese, Japanese, Indian, or Mediterranean bar and grill.

This ensures that you eat healthily.

Additionally, you get a variety of healthy plant-based meals, such as beans, veggies, meats, and whole grains. Some bars and grills also use spices to add flavor to your food.

Some African restaurants with bars and grills serve healthy cuisines ranging from Ghanaian and Kenyan to South African and Ethiopian. They use distinct flavor and cooking techniques for a memorable eating experiences.

Some top African bars and grills to visit include:

  • Angama Amara in Kenya for breathtaking views and delicious cuisines
  • The Olive Exclusive in Namibia for fresh off-the-boat grilled fish and other seafood
  • Sasakwa in Tanzania for private or group dining
  • The Oberoi in Mauritius for delectable dining along the ocean
  • Cape Grace in Cape Town, South Africa for traditional African cuisine
  • The Royal Livingstone in Zambia for a memorable dining experience