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Spike Africa is a popular seafood restaurant in San Diego. Established many years ago, the restaurant specializes in preparing African dishes and meals.

Whether you’re from East Africa or South Africa, or just want to try out an African delicacy, there’s something for everyone. We source high quality and safe food ingredients worldwide to prepare authentic African dishes.

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Many African countries are melting pots of cultures, diverse restaurants and bars, and cuisines. Ranging from fine dining to seaside shacks, African bars and grills have something for every budget and taste bud out there.

You can also enjoy fresh-caught fish that’s fried, baked, or boiled. Fish is generally easy to prepare, not to mention the fact that it’s tasty and delicious.



The Health Benefits Of Eating Fish

The Health Benefits Of Eating Fish

The Health Benefits of Eating FishDo you know the health benefits of eating fish? Fish is a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for your heart. Eating fish can also...

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