Five African Delicious Dishes You Should Try

Africa is home to hundreds of diverse cultures, traditions, and ethnic groups. And this diversity is mostly reflected in many of Africa’s culinary. Africa’s foods are as varied as its people, and the dishes are so delicious that you can purposely take a trip to try them out. 

Expectedly, many people easily fall in love with the delectable flavors, rich textures, starchy vegetables, and other nutritious foods that originated from nowhere but Africa. Delicious, delightful, majestic, enjoyable, savory, and sweet describe the tastiest spicy flavors in the world, arguably Africa’s cuisines. 

And if you’re looking to take a break from your usual weeknight dinner or want to enjoy the fabulous uniqueness of Africa’s dishes, here are five of them that would gratify your taste buds with sweet heavenly pleasure.

Jollof Rice

If you’ve been wondering about the most cherished dish in Africa, jollof rice is. Jollof rice is a no brainer dish present in the league of favorites dishes in West Africa due to its appealing taste and uniqueness. The recipe majorly contains rice with tomatoes, peppers, chili, and various spices as the base, and it’s usually the main course dish for massive celebrations and local events.

You can enjoy your jollof rice with a fried chicken, beef, goat or some carefully fried plantain chips. And then wash down with a refreshing, carbonated soft drink to satisfy yourself with the best experience. You can also take this particular dish with family and friends during exciting recreational outdoor games such as air hockey. And if you prefer to play air hockey at home with your loved ones, consider refreshing everyone with this Africa’s dish and soft drinks. The treat doesn’t only satisfy hunger; it also unites.

Cape Malay Curry

This special south African dish is associated with Indonesia and India’s slaves who worked as slaves in the farms of Cape Town, South Africa, at the beginning of the 17th century. These slaves were popularly known as “Cape Malays” and curry dishes spread widely in South Africa due to their influence. Mainly, Cape Malay Curry is an excellent example of one of the results of their culinary power.

The Cape Malay Curry dish combines sweet and savory flavors from tasty spices such as cinnamon and ginger, and dried fruits and savory seasonings like onions. If you’re a spice lover, you’ll enjoy taking the stew with fragrant rice. You can also take Cape Malay Curry over mashed potatoes or egg noodles, depending on your choice.


Tagine is Morocco’s most famous dish, and it gets its name from the conical clay pot in which it’s cooked. This delicious cuisine abundantly contains enthralling flavor combinations that will delight you with every bite. Typical tagine dish consists of a warm stew of delightful meat, seasoned with a blend of spices.

You can take the dish with Khobz(Morocco’s bread) as the side course. And you can also try the Kefta variety where you have minced lamb/beef rolled into balls, cooked in a tomato and onion sauce, and finally topped with an egg. Whichever tagine dish type you take, you’d surely enjoy the richness of North Africa’s dish.

Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup

This special tasty treat is the combination of two giant dishes commonly served in Nigeria, West Africa. The Egusi soup, also known as the melon soup, is a notable soup recipe in West Africa and is often thickened with ground melon seeds. Other additions to the soup are assorted meat, dried fish, seasonings, fresh tomatoes, and onions.

Pounded yam contains yams that have been crushed and mashed to form creamy dough-like balls. Combining pounded yam and Egusi soup with delectable assortments like assorted meats and Pònmo(Cow’s skin) would make a memorable dish that might become your favorite.


Ugali, Kenya’s most popular and staple dish, is made from cornmeal added to water until it becomes dense. The dish resembles a thick, dense paste of cornmeal, and locals consume it with a few cooked vegetables or saucy stew as one of their favorite meals. Consider trying out Ugali, and you’d certainly enjoy the unique taste of one of the best East Africa’s cuisines, notably Kenya.


Remove Africa’s dishes from the global food sphere, and the food sphere would only become a shadow of itself. Africa continually gives to the world, delicious, pleasant, and likewise nutritious dishes out of her vast reserves of healthy diets and resources. 

Fortunately, these distinctive dishes are now available in many parts of the world through the help of notable individuals who are bent on integrating the world’s diversity. Africa’s meals are always the best.