Enjoy Fresh Grilled Fish

Many African countries are melting pots of cultures, diverse restaurants and bars, and cuisines. Ranging from fine dining to seaside shacks, African bars and grills have something for every budget and taste bud out there.

African bars and grills perfectly embody every traveler’s dream drink and food menu. Whether you prefer local dishes, international cuisines, or exquisite meals such as freshly caught and grilled fish, you’re likely to meet your needs at less than $8.

Top African destinations are surrounded by fresh and salty water bodies such as freshwater lakes and the Indian or Atlantic oceans, respectively. The spots use local produce to prepare tasty dishes and menus for their visitors.

  • Almost all sea-facing restaurants, and bars and grills serve traditional dishes prepared using local produce. Some traditional catch in African waters include:

    • Dorade (sea bream)
    • Lotte (monkfish)
    • Calamars (squid)
    • Thiof (grouper)
    • Tilapia
    • Gambas (large prawns)